Ultimate Custom Night Character Roster (Part 2)
This roster of animatronic characters appearing in Ultimate Custom Night goes on with further characters coming from some spin-off installments of the series, like FNaF: Sister Location, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, FNaF World and FNaF (Novel). These animatronics have different interesting things about them as well as exclusive ways... Read more
Fazbear Generations
Experience further challenges and terrors in Fazbear Generations now! This fan game is currently available for download. You will come to the famous fictional Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria for working as a night watchman. However, another restaurant has appeared, and it contains more animatronics. You will have to face both... Read more
Five Nights at Firesawdust’s
Five Nights at Firesawdust’s is a challenging scary adventure game giving you another horror experience. You will come to Firesawdust Pizzeria and take a job there. This place is always filled with children, adults and lots of people in the day time, but it can become a nightmare to... Read more
Freddy’s Place

Freddy’s Place

FNAF download February 11, 2017 0

It’s time for another horror adventure with Freddy and his friends in a fan-made game called Freddy’s Place! This is known as a new FNaF RPG game that you should download and play for fun. The game centers on a new place of Freddy, but it will be filled... Read more
Five Kids at Freddy’s
  Five Kids at Freddy’s is a creepy adventure game created by a fan. Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s series, you will also go through lots of mysteries and horror challenges in this fan game. The game takes place at a location which is still being constructed, and... Read more
Fnaf World Full Version
Now you will be able to join FNaF World full version and experience a lot of challenges! You can download the game with the full version for free. It’s approachable on gamejolt – a playfield that always welcomes all players, and then install the game on your PC. FNaF... Read more
FNaF 4: Custom Night
Return to a scary house and defeat more animatronics in FNaF 4: Custom Night which is a FNaF game by a fan. You should try to be mighty enough to take on all challenges and go through more panic feelings. The game is created by a fan in a... Read more