Five Kids at Freddy’s
  Five Kids at Freddy’s is a creepy adventure game created by a fan. Inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s series, you will also go through lots of mysteries and horror challenges in this fan game. The game takes place at a location which is still being constructed, and... Read more
Sister Location Custom Night (Fan game)
Check out Sister Location Custom Night (Fan game) and get through more challenges. If you are a big fan of Baby and her gang, then you will get a chance to meet them again in this fan-made game. The game focuses on a custom night that you will join... Read more
Sister Location: Custom Night
Sister Location: Custom Night is kind of FNaF fangame based on the original FNaF Sister Location. The game is currently downloadable for now and it offers two versions with many updates and stuff to check out: VERSION 1.3.3: In this version, the aggression of Ballora and Foxy has been... Read more